A Diamond 1 Review of why you Guys are Stuck in EloHell

Come mortal, witness your demise


Who the Hell am I?

I’m Hogero and I’m a french (BURN HIM BEFORE IT BREEDS !) Diamond 1 SoloQ player, I also play as sub player for Mid & Jungle in my ranked team AVA Rain.

I’ve got around 2350 ranked SoloQ games on Season 3 and I’m a serious player willing to dedicate 100% to League of Legends, I’ll be writting guides and publishing videos on Youtube, my aim is to share my experience and help people improving themselves, whatever their personnal objectives are.

Now the Introductions are Over

Let’s get things started, today I’m gonna tell you guys why most of you are claiming to be stuck in something people like to call ” The Elo Hell ”

First of all, let’s talk about it, what is the ” Elo Hell ” everyone is complaining about ?

According to some people, the Elo Hell would be a place where you fall and can’t ever get out whatever you may do. It would be like a jail in the low divisions of the lowest tier.

These people are claiming that you can’t get out of it because you’re getting matched with noobs, trolls, afkers etc. every single game, and whatever you may do, you’ll end up losing because of that.

So, is it a myth or is it reality ? Just think about it. If it was real, then no one could get above it once they entered it. Well, you know that some people have being getting out of it every day. Some players are even falling as low as possible on purpose to show everyone else that it’s possible to go from Bronze 5 to Diamond 1.

What does it means ? It means you’re claiming to be stuck in a cell that has no fucking walls. It just waits for you to walk out as you please. But as you’re convinced you’re in jail, you think you can’t get out, so you’re not really trying.

You: Meh. Hogero, why do I still feel stuck and can’t get out? How is it happening? What must I do to walk out of my open cell?

Actually, you’re the only one blocking yourself. And you’re doing it because you think you are above everyone else in your team. That’s how it’s happening. You’re claming to be stuck somewhere people are worse than you and you can trample them easily. And that’s what crippling you. By pretending to be better than the others, you’re blaming them for everything that happens. And as you’re convinced you’re a lot better, you think you cannot be the cause of your demise, so you’re not trying to improve. You’re not recognizing your mistakes and therefore you’re just the same brainless fool you’re describing.

The key to getting better is to acknowledge that if you are stuck somewhere, you are the reason. You’re the only one responsible for it and therefore the only one who can fix it.  No one else can get you out. You have to improve, and to improve, you have to face reality as it is. If you’re trying to improve every game, if you’re trying your hardest every time, if you’re doing your best every single second, you’ll end up becoming better.

There are many steps, many things to improve on. I’m not just talking about in-game mechanics, champion skills, builds or whatever. Every single thing you do is actually influencing both your chances of winning/losing a game and your chances of becoming better. You must be blaming yourself in the first place, because you wanna get better, so you have to recognize what you do wrong.

Please know that NO ONE is caring about you in soloqueue. Everyone is here for his own goal. People won’t remember you, won’t recognize what you do well, and will eventually blame you for their own mistakes to feel better. NO ONE in soloqueue wants you to improve and get a higher ranking. In their sight, you’re just another moron who’s blocking them in the elo hell. You have to ignore this attitude and make sure you’re above that kind of things.

You are the only one who can make yourself become better and climb the ladder. No one is going to do it for you, worse, people are even going to try to make you fall from the ladder. You don’t want to focus on these guys, even if you think they deserve to lose, don’t make them lose if they’re on your team, carry them, even if they don’t deserve it, you’re carrying yourself. They will fall soon enough. Ignore them and climb higher.

This is getting a bit long so I’ll cover the other things in future articles and I will even review some points deeper so it’s getting really clear for you guys.

Thanks for reading, feel free to mail me at if you want to tell me anything.

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